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  • Charlotte Nichole

4 Ways to Create Dreamy Space Through a Custom Home

Everyone deserves to have their dream home. The house is a cozy safe haven, it’s where you can be you, it’s where you can be yourself. With that said, this also means that some houses will have more flexibility than others. Dream homes can vary from person to person. Some dream homes can be something that doesn’t need changes; others need to be molded, for some, it can be creating it from the ground up. The beauty of custom-built houses would be the fact that they allow for nearly unlimited options.

Some companies offer the best packages available which include custom building a house and the property (land) that you want. While for others, this could include just the house alone. So, if you’re thinking about a custom house, then you’re going to want to make it a dreamy yet timeless space that you can love for years to come! Here are precisely four ways you can help create that!

Give it a Homely Feeling

First thing is first, you will need to begin with making this feel homely towards you. Since this is new construction, it basically means that you have a blank canvas on your hands and you can do whatever you want with it. You, as the homeowner can style it until your heart is content. So why not embrace this opportunity? There is a whirlwind of ideas and opportunities that are available for you to try. So first, why not discuss with your builders, or even the interior designer that’s helping you, how the process will be?

They can give you ideas and will also ask what you like. Just keep in mind that there isn’t anything wrong with sharing your desires. You pay for this house, so you deserve to get everything you want and more. Whether this is a lovely perfect patio and garden to a large chef kitchen, it can all be possible.

Don’t Forget the Orientation of Your House

Whether your house is already built or it’s in the stages of getting built, you’ll need to think about the direction your house faces. This is going to be a large contributing factor to how you can decorate it. The orientation of the windows will make a big impact. So this means that furniture, paint, and plants that you wanted in your house need first need to be put into consideration on whether it can work out.

Scale it Up

Why not play around with the scale of the space? It is your space, so you can basically do whatever you’d like to it. You even look into 3D visualization tools to help you out when scaling things. While these can be a great help, you’ll need to keep in mind that it can take a while to create. Architects and designers will use 3D renders, and if you’re getting this house from a contractor, they will most likely team up with you and use this software to help both of you visualize your wants.

Exploit the Space on Your Walls

The walls are what make the personality in the show reflected. This is how someone can show off their true selves! No matter how large or small, your home is, you’ll need to utilize your walls! This can include adding some storage units, adding decor, shelving, and creating walls. Basically, use this however you want to use it!

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