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  • Charlotte Nichole

5 New Years resolutions for inside your home

To make your home run smoothly this new year!

Many of us will be spending lots of time within our homes this year, so having one that is organised, streamlined and suits our needs, is the top priority. Christmas has passed so now is the time to get your home back in order and ready to tackle a new year!

Here are our 5 New Year Resolutions for inside your home to help.

Clear out your kitchen cupboards

- and inject storage boxes

It's funny how much out of date food we can collect throughout the year. Make January the time you tackle your food stores, ditch the out of date and donate anything you won't be eating yourself.

Whilst you're at it, invest in storage baskets and boxes that can be used to store your food supplies to make them easy to keep on top of, and organise too.

keep like for like together

- and never lose anything again

Part of the problem when hunting for something is it's not where it logically should be. Keeping bits and bobs with like for like will mean you'll never have to hunt the house for those important documents or misplaced items again.

don't double up - it adds clutter

Ensure you're using current supplies of toiletries, cleaning materials and other household supplies before buying more. Having excess will not only cause chaos in your cupboards but cost you money too. Make a list before your weekly shop of what you need and stick to it.

regimented recycling

Make this year the year you get to grips with recycling. Separate household waste from your recycling by investing in a recycling unit or clearly labelled recycling bags. Place your bins and bags in an easily reachable place too.

Create user-friendly filing

- And organise weekly

Paperwork and important documentation can be pretty terrifying. But there is an easy way to keep on top of it and organised too. Categorize paperwork into separate files or wallets, storing it in an easy to reach space. Keep your incoming post in one place and organise it into your filing system weekly.


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