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  • Charlotte Nichole

Alternative bathroom colours that avoid the typical blue!

Don't get me wrong, i loveeeee blue. And of course, it's the perfect colour for your bathroom or ensuite. But let's be honest, it is very cliche! When there are so many other colours that will work in your wet space, why opt for the easy option?

Need some help visualising? Have no fear, I have provided some beautiful inspo to get you moving away from the cliche blue bathroom.


Crisp white bathrooms are not only light and bright, they add a touch of luxury to any home. It's no wonder lots of us just keep ours bright white!

It might seem a little boring, but if your home is packed with deep, dark colours, it might just be the contrast you need.

If your bathroom is on the small side, or lacking natural light, keeping it crisp white will also ensure it doesn't feel poky or glum.

Whilst it can be, It doesn't all have to be bright white. Inject texture and colour using different tiles, and a patterned floor! Don't forget your finishes either, spray painting your taps black or even gold, door handle and exposed piping will add lots of contrast!


Dare to be bold with a striking black coloured bathroom. If you're wanting contrast and interest, then opt for black! Beautifull painted walls will make any plain white tiles pop, making it a great alternative to Blue or White.

Don't worry about light in a black bathroom neither. Black bathrooms lend themselves to a more intimate, cosy feel, giving it a sense of opulence and luxury.

Go all out with black on your finishes, or inject other materials including brass and natural wood for a lighter feel.


Pink doesn't have to be feminine and can be the perfect, soft contrast against your crisp white suite. If wanting to keep it modern and sleek, add gold/brass accessories and finishes.

Paired with the odd black soft furnishing, and you have a beautifully balanced, modern bathroom that steers from the traditional blue palette.


My final colour to consider for your bathroom is a bold and bright yellow. Bathrooms can often be dark, damp places, with little to no life. If your bathroom is a little on the small side, a bright and bold colour like yellow, can uplift the space, inject some character and make it even feel bigger.

Keeping the suite white, and tiles crisp will ensure your bathroom stays luxe and modern as well as bold and beautiful.

What colour will you be swapping your blue bathroom for? Will you be bold and opt for a striking colour?


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