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  • Charlotte Nichole

Bang on Trend – Dinosaur bedrooms perfect for your little explorer

Take your little one on exploration, in their very own bedroom. The dinosaur theme is bang on trend and there are some creative and inexpensive ways to adopt the style.

With every new fad comes another opportunity to swap and update your little’ns bedroom. It seems the dinosaur is the latest trend you might want to tap into.

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Natural materials

Furniture pieces that have raw, natural wood are a perfect backdrop for an adventurous dinosaur room. Ikea offers fantastic pieces that will adapt to any theme at great prices. Remember, these pieces could be later painted to suit a new theme or an older child.

Deep Greens

That replicates the lush greenery you would find a t-rex, should be the colour palette of choice. Experiment with your paint technique too, like using frog tape to create a mountainous backdrop. Using stencils can give you a more detailed look, with just a little paint.

Faux Plants

What is a dinosaur-themed room without some faux plants? Keeping them out of reach on shelves, they are purely for decoration but add the extra illusion of being in dinoland.

Wall Stickers

If paint isn’t your game, wall stickers are the next best thing, there are so many to be found that can create the perfect dinosaur wall scape, quickly and easily.

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