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  • Charlotte Nichole

Beautiful Children's wallpaper to shop now!

Floral designs, cartoon landscapes, bold colourful patterns - wallpaper has a place in every space, especially in your child's bedroom. Transport your little one to a magical land, a prehistoric world or their favourite movie landscape with the help of wallpaper.

Every home needs wallpaper and if you're wondering where you can shoehorn some into yours, look to your kiddie bedroom. Colourful patterns, images and designs can add that extra magic to their playful space.

Here are some beautiful designs I adore and so will you.

Add some interest without impacting too much colour with this gorgeous monochrome design. Perfect for a natural safari-style nursery.

Create a feature and one that's a little educational too with this beautifully curate scandi safari map.

This is available with various background colours including blue, beige and pink!

Create a pre-historic land with this animated mural of dinos. Available in different colours, this is a wallpaper that will suit any little space.

Keep it simple yet colourful with this pastel painted rainbows pattern. This is certainly a wallpaper that will grow with your little one from nursery to big girls bedroom.

Go deep under the sea with magical creatures with this stunning deep blue mural.

Pair with soft blues and pink hues and create a backdrop that will transport your little one underwater.


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