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  • Charlotte Nichole

Biggest garden trends set for 2022!

I love my garden! And despite transforming our mud pile into a fully functioning green space, we still have a rather large to-do list in our garden this year. But what is on-trend for green spaces, small courtyards and expansive gardens in 2022? I take a look at the materials, plants and styles that are going to be hot topics this year!

The UK is home to 30million gardeners, and whilst 2021 had its fair share of experimental gardening designs, it looks like 2022 will include the return to bolder planting choices, wildlife gardens and even boutique style features and concepts.

Key features of garden themes this year will be sustainability and wellbeing, thanks mainly to covid-19 creating an escape for many within their own gardens. With many gardeners also conscious of their environmental impact, 2022 will also see an emphasis on planet-friendly gardening.

Bearing in mind the themes of 2022 and the mindset of gardeners, what will be the biggest trends for gardens in 2022?
Natural, wildlife Gardens

Manicured lawns and perfectly spaced planting could be a real thing of the past as many gardeners are seeking the imperfect, wanting natural, loose gardens.

It's believed people want gardens that look like they are "of nature" rather than the more obviously designed spaces.

Water features

Water features will be a big focus in 2022. And data suggests its the most popular decorative feature for a garden!

Modern designs will be the true trend of 2022 as many gardeners embrace the soothing sound of running water.

Don't forget a birdbath

Alongside water features, a traditional birdbath is set to become ever popular in 2022 too! With new styles and designs, the humble birdbath has been reimagined for modern garden spaces.

All-weather gardens

There has been a huge rise in all-weather gardening as many seek to use their green space all year round. With a boom last year in gazebos, garden living furniture and shelters suggests this is only set to rise in 2022. We believe this year many will look to create a garden space that can be used all year round with separate zones to entertain, dine and relax.

Will you be adopting any of these garden trends in your green space this year?


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