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  • Charlotte Nichole

Create a Neutral Bedroom for a calming sleepscape

Neutral tones are certainly hot on the 'gram and why not! Combining a palette of soft whites and beige tones with pops of contrast can create calming, cosy spaces.

And where better to inject a neutral colour palette than in your bedroom. We all need a good night's sleep and this can be hugely impacted by the space we sleep within. Jarring colours, cluttered spaces and busy feeling decor can in fact leave you struggling to settle and sleep well.

Having that muted palette with soft furnishings and styling might just be what your sleep-deprived self needs. So here are some gorgeous neutral bedroom spaces to inspire, and where to shop the neutral bedroom colour palette must-haves!

What colour should you use on the walls?

The simpler the colour the better. So if you're in a new build home that has those bare white walls, you'll be happy to hear that keeping them white is the best foot forward. If stark white is just that bit too much stark, why not try some of these beautiful yet subtle neutral tones.

Materials to use

Natural materials work best in those neutral spaces, so always opt for light wooden finishes, wicker and rattan. Alternatively, plain white furniture will add to the feel of space and light.


It can be daunting dressing a fairly blank space. Especially when there is little to no colour elsewhere in the room. But less is certainly more and its vital to remember this in your neutral bedroom. Inject some 'life' using plants and greenery.

Use layered prints, cushions and blankets to add interest, some contrast and depth.

Shop the look

Are you ready and eager to transform your bedroom into a neutral haven? Here are some beautiful pieces that will add to the boho vibes and create the ultimate calming sleepscape.

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