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  • Charlotte Nichole


More and more parents are opting for neutral when it comes to decorating their Nursery.

Whether it's due to not finding out the gender before birth or because neutral, subtle tones and colours are growing popular, it's never been trendier to have a more subtle, neutral and sometimes grown-up space.

Whenever it comes to decorating, you really want to lower the risk of having to re-do it - especially when it comes to a baby room. Having a space that can grow with your baby is especially important.

So when creating the perfect nursery, you really want to create a space that will be long lasting in style, and not at risk of having to be re-decorated when you have a toddler on your hands wanting a more child-like space!

But what's the best advice when creating a serine, yet practical neutral nursery?

Hang tight, I have just the advice you need when creating a neutral nursery.


As with any space in your home, you really want a colour palette to distribute across the space. The same goes for a nursery.

Really consider a palette that can include those dominant gender colours if you do want to at a later date.


Are our fav and that's because they can be used in any space, with any other shades. Going nude also make it mega easy to incorporate those gender dominant colours too like Blue and Pink - if wanted to at a later date.


As much as many would say Navy Blue is typically a male colour, Navy is trendy, modern and easily styled with more feminine tones if done correctly.

It's well worth considering Navy in your neutral nursery base shade.


If in doubt, or nervous, stick with white and add colour through the textures and accessories in the room.


A theme is a great way to incorporate colour and style under one roof. Our favourite is safari. It offers a fairly neutral palette and lots of opportunity to include child friendly styling ( safari cuddly toys . animal prints, geo prints ). Plus, its a great theme to add colour too.

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As with any room in a home, styling takes time and consideration, and can transform a space into one with character and purpose. The same goes for a nursery too.

If you've choosen a theme, consider this when styling the space with soft finishes, patterns and accessories. Using the likes of pinterest to find prints to frame, and stores like Next to find accessories that wouldn't feature in a baby section. ( Just because it's not in the baby section, doesn't mean it can't be in the room ).

If you're sticking to colour rather than theme, stick to your defined palette, mixing and matching with print and pattern to create further interest.

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