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  • Charlotte Nichole

Have a Tiny Bedroom? Here are some great ideas to maximise space

Without compromising on style and personality.

Tiny bedrooms – every home has them, and sometimes they can feel impossible to style as well as maximise storage and available space. With the lack of floor space, often smaller bedrooms can feel poky, cluttered and often claustrophobic, meaning many of us want to spend as little time in the space as possible.

But there is plenty of style tips and design ideas when decorating your smaller bedrooms. Smaller spaces can mean you can be bold and creative with the space.

So, here’s some ideas and inspiration for you to overhaul your tiny bedroom.

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Storage friendly furniture

Whatever the space you are decorating, storage should always be a consideration, but more so in a small space. Choose storage-friendly furniture that can offer comfort as well as space for clothes, toys and everyday essentials. Purchase under bed draws or storage boxes or swap your bed for an ottoman. These lift up offering storage that’s easily accessible. It’s worth noting, that the somewhat dated idea of over bed unit's storage is a great idea for small bedrooms. Wrap them round your bed for ultimate storage and minimal floorspace.

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Carefully considered colour palette

Small bedrooms do not have to compromise on style nor colour. Many believe small spaces should be as light and bright as possible. But often dark, bold colours can also create the illusion of space. Carefully consider the colour palette you will use, taking into account the natural light of the room. If opting for a dark hue, think about using it as feature wall, pairing with a lighter colour. If worried, leave the walls white and use colour through the soft furnishings and décor pieces.

Use wall space

All rooms have at least four walls. Whether they are big or small, use them as best as you can. Fit narrow shelves for small keepsakes, pictures and decorative pieces. Mount your tv onto the wall to save any space on top of units and draws. Look at installing open shelving for a versatile unit that can swap and change.

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Smart design ideas

Small spaces require careful planning and smart choices. Opt for blinds for a more open space – curtains can take up wall space and seem more intrusive in a small space. Place a mirror opposite your window to reflect light and create the illusion of more space.

Small spaces need just as much attention and styling as any other space. Creatively consider how to decorate and style the space. Remember small details make a huge difference, including layers of cushions, blankets and throws.

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chhavi Phulwani
08 jun 2023

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