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  • Charlotte Nichole

How to Create a Blended Transition from Living Room to Your Outdoor Space

When you decide to transform your living room and your outdoor living space into one, you are going to need to think about how you can make the transition seamless. The key is to work with natural materials that blend in with your existing furniture. This isn’t necessarily a trend, as this is something that’s been popular since the 1950’s, but it has gained some additional attention. If you check out home living magazines and look books, your eyes are going to be met with such indulgent luxuries.

There is something so beautiful about allowing the outside and the inside to become one. The transition indoors-to-outdoors can help provide a sense of balance and refreshment. But how can this be achieved? Here are several ways that you can create this transition!

Use large windows

One of the best ways that you can count on blending the interior and exterior elements would be through large windows. This is the best way to do it too! You’ll get the chance to enjoy the beauty of the outside, plus you’ll have plenty of sunlight coming into your space too. Just the large amount of natural lighting alone is going to immediately make your home feel more upscale and luxurious.

Use sheer curtains

This can go perfectly hand in hand if you have large windows. Why not look into getting yourself some sheer curtains? These are perfect for not only bringing in some additional light into the space, but is a great way to add some privacy too. Unlike regular curtains, they shield the light. However, with sheer curtains, you get the best of both worlds.

Consider the outdoor space

You shouldn’t forget about your outdoor space, this isn’t just about the living room. While most people will add an outdoor living space when it comes to this seamless transition, you’re still able to take it a step further. It’s important that the outdoor space feels comfortable. You should be able to feel fine being outside whether it be day or night.

The same goes for the weather too. One way to help create that blanket of security when it comes to outdoor living spaces would be something like Inspire plantation shutters. These are perfect for protecting yourself and your home from bad weather, while at the same time still getting to enjoy being out in nature.

Keep the indoors and outdoors the same colour palette

From your patio pots to your furniture, you should try to keep everything in the same colour palette if you can. Why’s that? Well, this is going to help you out in creating this blend. If you begin using a different color palette for your outdoor living space, then you’re going to immediately have an entirely new looking space. Basically this is going to create a “break” which means no seamless flow.

Keep the decor similar

This essentially goes for your décor too. You should try to keep the theme, including the decorations similar between the two spaces. This way, you’re able to continue building this blend that morphs the two spaces together.


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