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  • Charlotte Nichole

How to dress plain white walls

as a New build owner, we can either love or hate the plain white walls. Whilst it's the perfect blank canvas, it can feel daunting, especially on how to bring life and interest to those bland, blank walls.

Even worse, painting walls can be a pretty boring job, so it will come as a happy announcement that plain white walls can be easily dressed and featured in a home. Despite being a women of colour, and loving deep, bold colours, we have also adopted blank, white walls to avoid painting some spaces.

SO, here's my guide on how you can dress blank white walls and embrace the new build white.

White on White

If you're going to keep those white walls, you might as well and embrace them, with white finishes too! Use white on all your furnishings and soft elements to keep a clean, bright palette in your space.

Add natural materials

If you're worried about a white room being too white, contrast with natural materials in your furniture and finishes. Soft, light wood will still ensure the illusion of space and light, whilst creating a subtle contrast to the bare white walls.

Consider this approach with your larger items, as well as your small ones. Think key furniture pieces like coffee table and dining tables, as well as small styling pieces including photo frames and accessories.

Layer with soft finishes

White can feel cold and soulless, so adding soft, chunky soft furnishings is just what your blank canvas needs! Fluffy cushions, multiple throws, large rugs, thick curtains and even soft nets can all add that warmth and depth.

Artwork & Prints

Every space needs artwork, but even more so when you have white, blank walls. Abstract artwork and prints of neutral colours or contrasting patterns look fantastic as a focal point on a blank, white wall. Consider a gallery wall with a variety of prints, sizes and frames.

Consider panelling

Painting might not be on the agenda, but panelling could be. Installing classic panelling can add character and interest to your white walls, and pretty instantly too. Plus, you will only have the wood work to touch up with white, not the whole wall!

Don't forget, lighting

Lighting is so important, in any space. But one that lacks colour, even more so! Using mood lightings like floor lamps, table lamps and even wall lights, you can add more warmth and mood into your blank space.

Consider dimmer switches too, to soften any harsh lighting you might have been left with from your developers.

are you in a new build home? have you been reluctant to paint? will you be embracing those white walls? get chatting in the comment section!

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