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  • Charlotte Nichole

How to hang pictures and artwork in your rental home

Keeping your deposit when you decide to leave a rental property is a must. So ensuring every wall and surface is just as you left it is essential to keeping that deposit secure. But how do you create a homely feel when trying to limit wall damage?

I often say wall hangings and artwork can add much-needed colour and personality to a space, and the same goes for a rental home.

And whilst using a nail or two can be easy to fix down the line if we can help you avoid damage, we will. So what can you use instead of a nail?

Picture Hanging strips

Are a fantastic alternative to making holes in the wall. They are available in all shapes and sizes and can support frames, posters and canvases of all different sizes and weights. What's better, they can be used on various wall types too, including plasterboard, tile, metal, wood and glass.

Installing pictures using hanging strips

1: Clean your wall - Make sure your wall is clean from dust and dirt. Use a damp cloth.

2: Mark your position - Use a spirit level and a pencil and get a helping hand if needed.

3: Attach your strips - Put one set in each corner.

4: Attach the frame to the wall - Holding for 30seconds to make sure the strips are stuck down.

5: Slide the frame up and off the wall - To make sure the strips are secure, remove it for 1hour to let the adhesive set.

6: Re-hang - and you're set!!!


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