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  • Charlotte Nichole

How to install shelves & heavy-duty items in a New Build Home

New build homes are notorious for hollow walls and plasterboard. And this can be a pain in the bum when thinking of shelving and installing heavy-duty items on your walls including TVs, blinds and even curtains!

So, how do you install anything on New Build walls without worrying they will come crashing down in the middle of the night?

The great news is, it can be done, but it's about having the right fixings and taking precautions. Here's my top advice.

Check for wiring and piping

It's wise to have a stud, electricity and piping finder in your toolbox. They are fairly inexpensive and will detect any metal, electricity and piping behind walls. This will help you avoid some dangerous and rather messy mishaps in your home, whether it be a new build or not.

One thing to bear in mind whether you have a finder or not is to avoid installing anything over plug sockets. Typically, on ground floor rooms wiring and piping run down the wall, and on first floor rooms, wiring and piping run up the wall.

Shop the right fixings

As we said, it's about the right fixings when mounting anything to hollow, plasterboard walls. It's worth investing in decent fixings to ensure whatever you are installing will grip the wall.

Interior walls in new build properties are typically plasterboard, so using plasterboard specific rawl plugs will ensure whatever the item, will stay put.

Find, or avoid studs!

We say this because wooden studs are great, metal ones, not so great. If you were lucky enough to buy your new home brand new, you might know the types of walls used in your home. If not, using that stud finder will help you avoid metal studs and use wooden studs for further stability.

Be wary of weight

As long as you have used the correct fixings, any weight should be supported. But do be wary of the weight you are loading onto the wall, especially if you have been a little lax on the fixings.

Remember, things can be fixed, and nothing is critical. Always use eyewear protection when using drills, and turn off electricity when working near sockets. We once again recommend ensuring there are no electrical wires or piping behind the wall to limit the risk of harm or damage.

do you live in a new build? have you installed shelves to your walls?


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