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  • Charlotte Nichole


It’s no surprise many of us now live in a much smaller footprint than the generations before us. Property is becoming more expensive, and less expansive ( unless you can afford it ).

And yet having a small, cosy space is really rather appealing, if you know how to utalise and make the most of the space.

The best thing about space is that it is all down to perception and what we believe we see. What’s even better is the fact we can trick ourselves and others into believing there is more space, than there actually is.

Interested in knowing more? Here's 8 top tips in making any space feel instantly bigger.


Yes, we all know how much I have chatted about de-cluttering and ditching the stuff before. It’s the first step in organising, re-vamping and of course making any space feel bigger. There is nothing worse than clutter to make a home or space feel claustrophobic and filled to the brim. Conduct a good sort out, ditch the crap and organise bits and bobs that don’t need to be in your space all year round.


If some of your clutter can’t be cleared, you could at least store it well. Unfortunately, some of the most modern storage solutions just don’t suit your space and having something bespoke and unique to the space you do have can work so much better, and create an illusion of more space. Why not consider a built in seating booth for your kitchen space or alcove shelving and units. These type of built in’s can really give the illusion of an enlarged, expansive space.


The more furniture you have in a small space, the more crammed and cluttered it will feel. Cut back on the furniture and consider fewer and possibly larger pieces for your room. Make sure they have a purpose too – nothing worse than pointless furniture in any home. Also consider the legs. Sounds silly, but having furniture that exposes the floor beneath it will help the flow of your room, and make it feel open and airy. More so than a low to ground, chunky base piece.


We all love to push our furniture right up against our walls. And whilst it does free up floor space in the middle of the room, it could be making our space feel smaller. If you pull your furniture away from the wall, even just a bit, it can have a huge impact on the illusion of the space.


Mirrors are a great way to bounce any light you do have, and create the illusion that there is more space than there is. Whether you make a statement with the mirror, or simply add a subtle mirror, there are plenty of ways to incorporate one into your space.


Having just the main, over head light in any room is stark and uninviting. Layering your light using lamps, hanging lights and even candles can help make your space feel bigger and cosier at the same time.


That’s right, long heavy curtains can effect both the amount of light getting into your room, and the amount of space it’s taking up. Whilst they don’t actually take up floor space, heavy curtains will take up wall space, making your room feel much smaller than it is. Consider using blinds inset into the window. This will showcase light and expose wall space.


Whilst you may believe white is best to decorate a small space, there’s something to be said about smaller rooms being on the dark side. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to decorating a small room in the right colour, but there is something to be said about contrast. Whether you opt for dark or light walls, make sure other pieces contrast against that base colour!

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chhavi Phulwani
chhavi Phulwani
Jun 08, 2023

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