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  • Charlotte Nichole

How to paint your New Build Home

Whilst blank white walls are easy to cover with new colour, there are some things to remember when painting your New Build walls before grabbing the paintbrush.

New Build homes do give the illusion of easy to add your own flair, and that is the case. But grabbing the paintbrushes and just slapping on a colour you cannot. There are some things you need to do to prep to ensure an even finish and coverage that will last.

Here's what you need to ensure when painting your New Build HomE.

Sand down your walls

Those white walls may look smooth and the perfect canvas, but they need a little sand down. Why? It makes it a better surface for your paint to grip, stick and stay on the wall. Prepping with a little sand down will give you that even, professional finish.

Use Frog tape

In most modern-day new builds there is no coving, meaning your ceiling and walls meet at direct right angles. What does this mean when painting? It's a nightmare!

You'll have to be extra careful when painting close to your ceiling. To ensure you don't get any rogue paint on the ceiling, use frog tape as a barrier which can be easily peeled off when finished.

Purchase breathable paint

It's often said you shouldn't paint your new build walls for the first 12months, but that's mainly due to any works being done later by your developer will only be done in that white colour. Painting your new build home in the correct paint will not affect its ability to dry out, and will not impact your warranty.

Just ensure your paint is breathable, which most of them are, including Dulux.


are you in a new build home? have you painted yet? scared to? get commenting below.


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