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  • Charlotte Nichole

Our Summerhouse plans

Last year we invested in a large summerhouse/shed for the bottom of our garden. It was a real process to create a base for it to be on, and by the time we got it into the garden and built, we had merely run out of steam to style and work it into the usable space we desired.

We resigned ourselves to the fact it would be a job for 2022.

As we stare at Summer 2022 and even some Spring heat, we are back at looking at what we want from our summerhouse and how on earth we get there - whilst caring for a bubba too.

Ultimately though, the summerhouse will be a fantastic spot for little Florence during summer to keep from the sunshine whilst enjoying our green space too.

So what's our DIY list?

exterior decking area

First and foremost, we want to create an exterior decking area outside the summerhouse. Partly due to the summerhouse being slightly raised compared to the grass, but also to create another seating area to enjoy some of the sunshine.

Storage and shelving in the shed

A third of our summerhouse is actually a shed, which is part of the reason we went with it. But that shed area certainly needs some much-needed organising and one way to make sure we fit everything and more, we need to install some simple storage and shelving.


We're not 100% sold on how we will use the summerhouse just yet. But one thing we are certain on is the need for some electricity for things like a heater, lighting and maybe even wifi. With it being such a large space, would use it for a wide range of things, but electricity is a must for any of them.


It's hard to know exactly how we will style it just yet, as its use is still a bit sketchy, but we do need to start brainstorming its styling. We are considering a painted floor or even installing flooring, as well as the layering of rugs, cushions, throws and decorative pieces to make it feel like an extension of our home.

I'm so excited to get working on the space. I will be curating a moldboard or two for the interior of our summerhouse, once we have figured out its purpose.

do you have an exterior space to work on this year? perhaps you have a summerhouse too?


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