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  • Charlotte Nichole

Perfect paint colours for your Home Office

It should never be underestimated how much impact a simple paint colour can have on the look, feel, and energy of a space.

And when it comes to your home office, it's probably not something you had previously paid much attention to before.

It's possible that the make-shift home office will soon become a permanent fixture in our homes. So it's important to make sure yours will help with productivity and focus your mind.

Starting with paint colour, overhaul your office space today.

Here are some stand out colours for your home office.


Having a relaxing, calming space to gather thoughts and focus is vital for any home office space. So what better than a soft, subtle green?

Green is of course the most natural colour so will encourage a calming atmosphere. Paired with natural finishes including rattan and wood, it's fairly simple to create the ultimate working space.

We love these Green's from Dulux


On the other end of the spectrum has to be deep, dark navy which offers a real grown-up workspace. Throwing in natural materials and raw metals like brass and gold will balance what could be seen as a dark space, and offer some greater interest in the room.

I love these Navy's from Dulux


Keep it bright and crisp with white. It sounds bland, but with a statement desk, powerful prints and bold styling pieces, you can easily add personality and flair to your workspace.

is your home office in need of a revamp? How will you be decorating your Work From Home office space? get chatting down below.

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