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  • Charlotte Nichole

Pink Colour Palette

We know adding new colour, or any colour into your home can feel daunting. There is no one size fits all when it comes to adding and using colour in your own home. But, every home does need some colour. It can boost your mood, ease anxiety and make it feel like your own.

Let’s talk shades...

As with every colour we look into, Pink has so many shades and almost moods to consider before grabbing a paint pot. Deep pinks, Soft Pinks, Subtle Pinks and Candy Pinks can all look fantastic with a huge variety of textures, colours and interior trends.

Pink can be used ANYWHERE

As with any colour, pink can be incorporated into any space, any home. With the correct finish, pink in any part of your property can look smart, grown-up and bang on-trend.

Pair with darker shades In your kitchen space. Dark units and light countertops work so well against a contrasting, bold pink tile. Accessorized with matt black finishes, this kitchen colour palette will add style and interest into a would be run of the mill kitchen.

Pink on Pink

Can look truly beautiful in your bathroom and en-suite. Of set the pink hues with gold of brassy finishes for an expensive-looking wet room. If you prefer the contrast of those darker hues, matt dark grey is a fantastic choice also.

Keep it moody.

We get it, not everyone is completely confident in splashing their entire home in Pink. So incorporating moody, masculine shades is a great counterbalance against that bright Pink.

Navy, Grey, Black and even Green make fantastic contrasting colours and also offer some moody tones.

Play with materials

There really aren't many materials pink doesn't suit, so don't be scared to mix and match a variety of materials with the colour.

We love a soft, light beach wood with subtle pink shades.

Why should you adopt pink into your home?

Pink is a lovely addition for any home. With its versatility with other shades, and trends, there really isn't a reason why your home, or any home, couldn't sneak some pink hues.

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