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  • Charlotte Nichole

Style It: Scalloped walls for your little one's space

A scalloped edge is the hottest trend on Instagram, and is often used in creative spaces for a fun, unique twist on half painted walls. Like a young one's bedroom.

So instead of having straight line edged half-painted walls, add a little interest and softness to the space using a scalloped edge. Whether it be in the middle of the wall, across a door, or even as a border to your painted ceiling, consider scallop edging.

Here's some inspo, and even how you can do it in your home!

So, how do you do it?

Easy, paint your wall up to a straight line. Grab a dinner plate, or side plate, depending on the size of scallops you are after, and use it as a template across your straight line.

Draw your scalloped edging with a pencil, and paint in your chosen colour with a small brush.

Will you be incorporating scalloped edging into your little one's bedroom?


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