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  • Charlotte Nichole

The BEST houseplants for your bathroom

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To create a truly tranquil space.

Houseplants have taken the limelight in our homes – we can simply not walk by a houseplant and not buy – you will find a houseplant in every room in a home, including the bathroom! And whilst you might think us mad for wanting plants in our bathrooms, it can actually be the best spot for some of our current favs - snake plants and fiddle leaf figs! The high humidity and damp environment make it the perfect spot in your home for your houseplants to thrive. Plus, there are options for natural light filled bathrooms, and the dark and windowless ones too.

But before you grab any old houseplant, we have listed the BEST houseplants for your bathroom to create that truly idyllic and even tropical ambience.

The Snake Plant

Loved by all plant lovers, the snake plant makes the perfect houseplant for your bathroom. It can thrive in any humidity level and can tolerate low or bright indirect light. This is a great beginner's houseplant for your bathroom!


Is a stunning and ever-popular houseplant thanks to its iconic leaves and its ability to suit in its of different environments, including your bathroom. It can handle low light, though it will do better in brighter indirect light, and it can handle any level of humidity.


Might not have been your first choice of a houseplant for your bathroom, but it will certainly give you some spa vibes. Bamboo grows in water and is super low-maintenance, plus it’s pretty happy in low-light spaces. A great option for those windowless bathrooms.


These unique, colourful plants are perfect for a bathroom as they prefer to stay moist. But they do best in medium to bright indirect light, so don't put these in a bathroom without a window.


Orchids are a little fussy when it comes to watering, but even though they prefer their soil to be on the drier side, they also like humidity—they are tropical plants, after all. Orchids tolerate low light, but will fare much better in brighter indirect light, so they're better kept on your bathroom windowsill.


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