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  • Charlotte Nichole

The Best places to buy matching nursery furniture

Just like with any new room, there is an element of unity in matching furniture. The same colour, finish or design creates a cohesive somewhat calming space. And the same goes for a pending bubba and its bedroom.

A matching cot, changing table and storage furniture can be hard to find, especially without breaking the bank.

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Buying for a new baby is an expensive time, but furniture that will last through the first months into the babies first years of life can be money well spent. So where's best to find versatile furniture that matches and will stand the greatest task of all, a baby?

Don't worry, I got you. Here are the best places to shop for matching nursery furniture.

With so many stores up and down the country, and quick, easy delivery, there's no denying Argos is a fantastic option for all things home, including Baby furniture. Starting from just £310.00 for a 2 piece set, there is bound to be something for every theme and budget!

Head to argos for easy access to budget friendly baby bits.

Ikea is a known home store for budget but on trend furniture, and just like the rest of your home, Ikea has a place in your bubbas nursery too. Whilst their 'sets' are fairly limited, and they are more mix and match than other stores, the scandi style is easy to shop and starts from just £40.00!

I loveee Ikea for its stylish yet budget-friendly designs, but its not always easy to shop Ikea if not one local.

If you haven't already, shopping Next for all things baby is a fantastic one-stop hub. Whilst the next brand itself has gorgeous clothes, nursery accessories and beautifully designed furniture, Next home also carry lots of other brands too, like Mama's & Papas!

Next home has a gorgeous range of all things baby and carries beautiful brands too!

Whilst their furniture sets are a little limited compared to other online stores, they also have their own ranges as well as other brands too! Once again, on-trend and truly versatile, these furniture sets will last long into your little one's development and even onto the next.

John Lewis has a fantastic range of all things baby and certainly the place to shop baby must guides.

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