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  • Charlotte Nichole

Top tips for UK New Build Buyers

Updated: May 15, 2022

Because New Build properties come with a lot of stigma! Buying any property is scary, daunting and sometimes troublesome. The same goes for new build properties, but often, for different reasons. As an owner of 2 new build properties, here are my top tips if you are looking at buying brand new for your next property.

Hello, I'm Charlotte and I have only ever bought a new build property. It wasn't on purpose, just the best that was on offer at the time of buying! Have I had a terrible time with new builds? No. Have I had it plain sailing? Also No. Do I regret ever buying New Build? Not at all.

As with any house purchase, there is always something that crops up! And yet a new build has a stigma attached to them that they just can't shake, however well built, beautifully designed, lovingly lived in they are.

Especially when those snobby, 'oh I would never buy new build' types pipe up - they drive me insane!

But what do you need to know before buying brand new? How can you navigate the sketchy sales chat and make sure you are getting the best from your investment?

Check elsewhere

Sounds really counter-intuitive I know, but when it comes to property shopping, always look at every option. Are there other developments nearby? See what they are offering in your budget. Are their finishes as good? Location? Weighing up your options will help make sure you are buying the best you can for your budget, and will help settle your mind on a decision.

When we were looking at our second home, we looked at all the other developers. We weighed up pricing vs finishes, location, room sizes, opportunity and longevity. Whilst not all properties can be future proof, it was really important for us that we could add extra internal space to our home if wanted, and we could be here for longer than anticipated should our family unit grow considerably.


Once you've scouted the local competition, you can really barter with the sales team. You should have your mortgage in principle already, ( click here to know what you need before house hunting ) and you now have the power to negotiate pricing and even extras.

As we were in a really good position with our second purchase - under offer in 3 days and mortgage in principle in place - we managed to negotiate with the sales office. We were desirable buyers with the ball ready to roll. We managed to negotiate on the price and add in appliances!

Use your own solicitor and financial advisor - where possible

It's often illuded by the sales team that you have to use their own recommended solicitors and financial advisors when buying new. You don't! Using your own FA and solicitor can ensure you have impartial advice when it comes to the conveyancing of your property, and get the best deal on finances too.

We used both the FA and solicitor recommended on our first property. It meant we didn't get the best rate on our mortgage and when we sold several years later, conveyancing issues did arise as the previous solicitors had missed some crucial aspects.

Chase, chase, chase

During the progression of your purchase, it's best to keep in contact as much as possible with both the sales team and your solicitor. Developers are known for wanting a quick turnaround when it comes to exchanging. Being on the ball, chasing when necessary and making sure all is on track will keep the sales team at bay and those awkward conversations from the developers.

Hire a snagging company

This isn't something we did and boy did I wish we had. An independent snagging company can scout your home for defects and give you a handy report of anything and everything to your builder post move in.

When in the midst of moving and settling, it's so easy to miss the small things. But when you only have a short window to report those cosmetic snags ( 2 weeks in most instances ), it pays to have someone come in pretty swiftly so you can have even the smallest imperfections corrected.

Despite new builds receiving the worst reputation majority of the time, I have loved mine. Yes, there are things I would change, but isn't that the same for every home?

Do you live in a new build home? Do you have any advice for someone looking to buy new? Get commenting in the section below.


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