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  • Charlotte Nichole

Under The Sea - Kids Room Theme

Deep into the sea, there is a world of colourful creatures, squishy fishes and small village of communities. And this underwater world makes the perfect environment for a fun, exciting child space.

We love room themes, especially to immerse your little one into a creative little world. Aside from the usual Nemo take on under the sea, it's a fairly new and emerging theme for a nursery or pre-teen kids room.

Here's some stunning inspo and how you can re-create the same for your little one.

Colours to consider

Whilst blue would be the usual colour to consider, there are lots of other colours to adopt into the space whilst keeping to the theme. Muted pinks, deep greens and soft browns all mimic the seaside, deep-sea theme, whilst offering plenty of colours to keep the space fluid.

I love these colours from Dulux

Shop the Trend

I've gathered some gorgeous pieces to inject into your little one's space to transport them into a sea world!

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