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  • Charlotte Nichole

Update your dining space for a fresh eating and entertaining area – on a budget!

As with any update in your home, time, money and creativity can all be barriers. But not here. We have some budget-friendly ideas to update your eating space.

Whether it be a separate room, an open space or a corner in your kitchen, there are plenty of ways to modernise and breathe new life into your entertaining and eating space.

Swap the chairs for a bench

Bench seating is so versatile, space-saving and popular in kitchens and dining spaces. Consider swapping a couple of your chairs for a rustic bench. Style with seat cushions or a knitted throw to make sure guests stick around comfortably for dessert.

Statement lighting

We say it a lot here, but lighting really does make a huge impact on any space, so simply updating your light fitting, or being bold with a light itself can have a quick, impressive transformation on your dining space. If you are able, consider a low hung fitting with various aspects. This can create an intimate atmosphere around your table.

New linen

It’s funny how much a table cloth can hide – including marks, scratches and watermarks. Aside from that, a new table cloth can update a tired table in minutes. If you think a table cloth might be a bit too much, choose a runner instead.

Update your napkins, placemats and coasters to a new colour scheme to breathe new life into your table setting.

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Mini Art Gallery

Switching up your art is a quick and simple update for any space, including your dining area. If you’re eager to add colour and interest into your space, a mini art gallery is for you. Showcase beautiful patterns, prints, personal family photos or even quotes.

Once you’ve installed a mini art gallery, it’s easy to update it frequently with new images and prints.

Upcycle your chairs

You may have worn wooden chairs, or spot some inexpensive ones in a charity shop. But don’t be put off by the pine, consider painting wooden chairs to incorporate a new, fresh colour scheme. It’s super easy to upcycle dining chairs, just make sure you prep the area correctly, and use a primer.

Once painted, grab some cushions to make them super comfy.


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