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  • Charlotte Nichole

Window boxes – Why you should have them on your home

It’s not often you see a lovely, colourful and well-executed window box these days. And when you do, we all realise how beautiful they are. So why don’t more homes have them?

Especially when so many homes would flourish with a little colour and flower on the front of their property.

Window boxes are easy to install, pretty to look at, and with a little planning, can offer your home all year round foliage and flowers to decorate your home.

But if you’re still not sold, here’s why more of us should have window boxes on ours.

Easy to install

Yep, we’ve said it, but it’s so easy to install a window box onto your home. With mountable baskets and boxes, simply drill into your brick work and mount using strong fixings. Bare this in mind, as once those boxes are full, there will be a large amount of weight to them.

DIY for a bespoke fit

Can’t find what you’re looking for online? Why not create your own? Window boxes are easy to build and DIY. Creating your own will mean you can create the perfect style and colour to suit your home. A great DIY guide can be found here.

Outstanding to new builds that lack character

Homes that lack character, like a new build, really lend well to window boxes. For homes with little to no established flowers or greenery to soften the front of a property. Adding wall-mounted window baskets can be that added detail your new home needs.

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Riya Tanwani
Riya Tanwani
Jan 02

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