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  • Charlotte Nichole

What I didn't expect after labour

When pregnant with your first bubba, you can't help but wonder and worry about labour, and everything that comes after pushing a human out of your foo-foo.

Despite the amount of reading you might do prior to birth and labour, nothing quite prepares you for what comes once you return home. Aside from the idea of looking after such a delicate, precious package, there was plenty I didn't consider would come post-labour whilst recovering and adapting to the new way of life.

So here are a few things I totally didn't expect to experience, feel and think about post-labour.

Tearing & Stitches weren't as bad as I thought they would be!

I was super worried I would tear in labour, and honestly, it was my biggest fear. And like I expected, I did.

It is incredibly common, especially for first-time mothers. My third-degree tear did require stitches, which I was incredibly nervous would hurt for days to come. But thankfully for me, I required very few painkillers post leaving the hospital, and made a pretty swift recovery.

Not everyone is the same and many women will have a tough time recovering, but this was my personal experience.

I became incredibly jealous of pregnant women

Well, I didn't expect this one, and it was pretty swift too. Not long after Florence was born, I was incredibly jealous of other pregnant women and I felt sad that I was no longer carrying a baby.

Even 5 weeks postpartum, whilst I was over the moon to have my baby girl with me, I was also mourning no longer carrying her and experiencing pregnancy anymore.

Milk coming in is incredibly painful

I had always heard about cabbage leaves to help with easing your boobs, but Jesus Christ! My milk came in exactly 5 days after having Florence. I was advised not to even put warm water on my chest as it can stimulate. Thankfully, it doesn't last long, but as if we hadn't been through enough!

I've already forgotten what it feels like to be pregnant

I find it almost surreal looking at pregnant photos of myself and can barely remember what it feels like to be so big. Which is great because sometimes it was tough. I wish I could go back and take in more of those small moments. Even better, I hope to have another one to experience the joy of pregnancy.

your post labour body is so strange - even to me.

Standing in the shower post-labour, I looked down and everything was like jelly. I had become so used to that rock solid, full tummy, and now it was the opposite. Since my body hasn't really felt my own and it's pretty tough to come to terms with. It goes through all those changes to grow your little bubba, when it's finished that task but doesn't look or feel like it used to, it's hard to come to terms with.

I can't wait to do it all again - including labour

This has been the biggest surprise, and the most overwhelming. It's many of the above points rolled into one, meaning within a few days I was saying I want to do it all again - pronto!

Labour was tough and painful, but I was gutted, weirdly, that it had come and gone. I loved being pregnant. Feeling the kicks and watching my belly and bubba grow. I just wanted to do the whole experience again, especially as I was so lucky it ended with a bouncing, beautiful baby girl.

Have you been pregnant and experienced any of these feelings post labour? Share yours in the comment section below.


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