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  • Charlotte Nichole

Yes, a bath can beat anxiety and depression!

According to scientists, of course.

Recently it was revealed that a new study has found that taking a long, hot bubble bath could be the key to fighting depression and anxiety.

We all know there is nothing more relaxing than a soak after a long, tiresome day. So to hear that studies show a dip in a bath at temperatures of 39c to 40c can help boost the mood of those with depression, anxiety and fever - often working better than antidepressants!

A warm hot bath can help reduce inflammation, which in turn is a successful antidepressant strategy in patients. A more natural way of reducing inflammation is through heat! Not only does the heat reduce inflammation, but heat helps the body to relax, making people less prone to negative thoughts.

All in all, having a warm hot bath several times a week can impact your mental health, especially if you're fighting anxiety and depression.

It's about time we all had a long hot soak...

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