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  • Charlotte Nichole

10 Beautiful Banquette seating Ideas for your kitchen-diner

Banquette seating never fails to add cosy vibes and a family-friendly eating area. And where better than in a kitchen diner that could even be lacking in space.

Shoehorned into a corner, or stretched across a wall, banquet seating can be added to any dining space, and stylishly too. So if you're wanting to add a social hub into your kitchen diner, or maximise space in what could be a poky corner, consider a banquette seating area.

Here are some beautiful banquette seating ideas I've earmarked to get you thinking.

There really isn't much cosier than banquette seating. The super chic take on your usual diner / restaurant-style seating will suit any home. Will you be going understated or statement?


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