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  • Charlotte Nichole

The best plants and flowers for a scented garden

Having a scent in your home is a must, and it doesn't just stop indoors. Implementing a gorgeous scent outside your home can be a fantastic first impression or a beautiful aroma that filters into your home from your garden.

In the last 12 months, we have really started to treat our garden as an extra room in our home, so having it packed with pretty blooming flowers that offer vibrant scents was something we wanted to achieve.

So what flowers can you plant in your garden that will pack some punch?

During my research, these are some stunning flowers that cropped up for offering colour, beauty and scent.


Where better to start than the infamous Lavender Plant. Lavender is perfect for sunny borders in and around a patio or down your garden path as you brush against the loving stems of your lavender and enjoy their unforgettable fragrance.


Used to make perfumes as well as being stunning, colourful and versatile, The iris comes in all shapes and sizes and are accompanied with a range of delightful fragrances and scents.


This spectacular plant with long mauve or white raceme flowers, is truly eye-catching. Not only is it beautiful it has ( select the right varieties,) a pretty powerful scent too.

Unfortunately, its not the easiest plant to grow, but the results are worth the hard work.

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas are a highly scented annual which would be a fantastic addition for your summer garden. They are also climbers too, adding height as well as scent into your garden. They do have a long flowering period too from June to October, but they do require lots of care and attention so well worth considering.

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