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  • Charlotte Nichole

Our New Build Garden transformation so far

Buying a new build home means a bland, boring garden to contend with. It can be overwhelming but we have taken on the challenge and we are already so proud of what we have created so far. Here's what we've accomplished in the last 18months and my advice to fellow new build owners.

I never thought I would be a garden person. I remember being glad we didn't have one in our first property. But since I had a large green space with nothing in it, I seemed to have fallen in love with all things gardening, flowers, plants and more!

We moved in in December'20. Within a month we had the lawn laid, as fellow pup Rhodie needed somewhere more than the 4x4 patio slabs to do his business.

It was then we truly realised the sheer scale of our garden. We had a lot to do to make it a more enjoyable, bustling garden to enjoy Spring, Summer and Autumn. Here's our journey so far.


In April'21 we started the lengthy task of laying a large porcelain patio. It took us weeks to dig out, create a base and start the painful process of laying the tiles. If I could do it again, I wouldn't go for porcelain as they require more products to ensure they bond and set.

We doubled the size of the tiny patio we were given and added an L-shaped raised bed around the patio space. This transformed our garden. It was a perfect place to implement some much-needed planting without the worry of our clay ground.

Summerhouse and Shed

After having our lawn laid, we learned the bottom area of our garden was prone to excess water and general bogginess. Our lawn didn't take and it was a nightmare.

It was then we decided to utilise the area for a shed and potentially a decking spot. But that quickly changed.

We didn't need a huge shed and with little sunshine thanks to the shielding trees, a deck wouldn't get all that use. So we decided on a shed/summerhouse combination, and so the base building began.

Within a few weeks, it was ready for our summerhouse/shed and honestly, it was the best decision. We still have some styling to do, but with what we have intended, it's just perfect!


After having our summerhouse built, more flowers and evergreen borders along our fence line were our next project. With the rising cost of wood, and sleepers, we opted for some easily bought borders. The new beds were planted with shrubs, flowers and climbing plants including my new favourite, roses.

After just 8 months since planting, they are thriving and adding some life to our previously naked fences.

We still have so much planned for our garden, but already it's feeling like a great space to entertain, enjoy the sunshine and relax. I am truly a garden lady now and often spend an afternoon wandering garden centres for yet more plants.

If you are a new build owner and unsure where to start with a blank garden. Here are my top tips.

- Don't rush - There is plenty of time to uncover what you want your garden to offer you.

- Plan your space carefully - Before doing anything. It can be costly, and time-consuming to undo garden work.

- Research the best plants for your space - Especially your soil type and position. It will ensure everything you plant will thrive and last.

- Consider zones - like a relaxing spot, one for a morning coffee and even play spaces. This will help you divide your garden into useable spaces, whatever the weather and your mood.

Do you have a new build garden? What have you done in yours? Get commenting in the section below.


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