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  • Charlotte Nichole

3 Quick organisation tips to overhaul your living space this new year!

New Year, new interior. Or better yet, an organised living space. But how do you overhaul your home for a more organised, simple home for 2022?

With the arrival of a new year, now is a great time to refresh your home, ditch the clutter and organise your everyday items.

It can seem daunting, especially if you have a big home or a busy home to work with. These 3 quick tips will help you focus and achieve a more organised homestead.

Invest in multi-functional furniture pieces

Whilst I am a lover of aesthetically pleasing pieces, the reality is, there shouldn't be furniture in your home that not only looks good but does good for your home too.

Dual-purpose pieces that can offer storage, and a home for those bits and bobs that can accumulate should be your key priority.

Shop multi-functional pieces now

Think vertically and save on floor space

When looking at furniture and adding more storage, think vertically. Whether you have a small abode, or expansive space, vertically inclined pieces will optimise space and save on floor space.

Larder cabinets, open shelving and even bookshelves can offer much-needed surface areas for valuable pieces, styling aspects and everyday bits and bobs.

If you want to give the illusion of space, buy tall furniture with open legs, rather than pieces that hug the flooring.

Shop vertically now

Group belongings together

Grouping your belongings together is key to making sure everything in your home has a place. Using storage baskets, draw dividers and boxes within units can help keep everything where it should be. There really isn't a room that wouldn't benefit from internal storage, including your kitchen.

How will you be organising your home ready for 2022?


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