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  • Charlotte Nichole

5 Small DIY jobs to make your bathroom look brand new

Bathrooms are an expensive overhaul. And often, it’s an outdated colour scheme, old-style tiles, yellowing grout and the usual mouldy sealant that’s made it look messy. The great news is, there are some small DIY changes you can make to overhaul your bathroom, without the expensive price tag.

Fancy giving it a go? Here are small jobs you can do to make it look brand new!

1 : Go over your grout

Grout is porous, so it's one of the first things in your bathroom to show dirt, especially in the shower. Grab yourself a grout pen. They are cheap and a quick and easy tool to transform those gross and yellow grout patches to the sparkling ice white they used to be. Just re-trace your current grout and it will look as good as new.

2 : Re-seal around the bath and shower

Sealant can easily take on black mold patches, especially in the shower. Whilst you can get rid of them, they can easily return or take way too much scrub power. Much rather, apply re-seal over your existing sealant with the re-seal product. Quick, easy and very little work to get it looking just like new.

3 : Update your taps and showerhead

Install new taps and shower head to rejuvenate your bathroom. These pretty small and often inexpensive updates can change the whole style of your bathroom. Especially if your change from a chrome tap to a black, or a whole new design all together.

4 : Paint your tiles

Do you have tiles that are in an old colour scheme? Do you wish you could just change the colour of your tiles? Did you know, you can paint tiles to a new colour? And with a little help from a grout pen, you can easily change the whole look of your bathroom. Shop tile paint in your local DIY store and make sure you prep. But with a couple of coats of paint, you will have a whole new coloured tile.

5 : Update your furnishings

Even in your bathroom there are plenty of soft furnishings that can be updated to create a new lease of life. Grab some new towels, possibly in a new colour, along with a fresh bath matt, sink accessories and decorative pieces including artwork. All quick fixes that can update the look of your bathroom.


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