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  • Charlotte Nichole

Grey+ Colour Palette

All-Grey rooms are soooo last year. But injecting just some of these colours will overhaul your home and bring it bursting into 2021.

Mrs Hinch without doubt sparked that all grey home trend. Grey outsold every other colour in 2020, in every category. Whether you be buying; a new couch, side table, kitchen, bathroom tiles, soft furnishing or wall paint, grey was the colour of choice!

But 2021 without doubt will see some much-needed injection of colour. We are all bored of our homes, so adding in some new, exciting, contrasting colour could be just the spice up your home is in need of. The best bit, there isn’t a colour that doesn’t work with grey. No need to panic that you’ll have to change all that grey furniture.

Update your all-Grey home with an injection of these colours


Soft pink hues perfectly complement a grey space. Dulux Adobe Pink 3, paired with your dark Grey and an off-white finish creates a new but fairly neutral palette for your home. Consider upcycling your white furniture to black to add extra edge, and masculinity to your home.


Pink not your deal? Navy is for you! Deep, moody navy works best with light, bright grey spaces. A soft navy like Dulux Breton Blue is just the colour. No need to alter any home pieces neither as a pop of colour on a feature wall is just the lift your grey home needs.


Perhaps you would prefer a more natural colour in your home? Then green is the best pairing. Dulux Green Glade is a beautiful soft shade that would be a perfect addition to a grey home, and the perfect base when you decide to add more colour.


Or mustard to be exact. It’s one of the hottest colours for 2021, so it makes perfect sense to choose mustard as your accompanying colour in a grey home. Dulux Dutch Gold is a rich, dark colour that will add opulence and luxury to your Grey space. Consider adding some bronze and gold accessories to dress the gold.


If all the above is not for you, Black is the best option. Go monochrome, without being monochrome by injecting black into your grey home. Black adds a real edge to your Grey space, and can be pretty easy too. Spray your curtain poles and photo frames for an instant chic edge.

So go on, update your grey home and add some colour in 2021.


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