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  • Charlotte Nichole

How to correctly hang curtains.

Have you been committing curtain sin?

Imagine this, you buy the most perfect outfit for a night out, but you purposely buy it two sizes too small. It just looks cheap, nasty and silly, right?

Well, that’s exactly what you’re doing when you commit these curtain sins. Chances are, you didn’t know how to properly hang your curtains, but here’s your chance to right your wrongs.

Perfectly hung curtains that are the right length can instantly transform your space. It can make it feel bigger, brighter and even taller. That’s if, and only if you do it correctly after all.

So here it is, the most common curtain sins, and how you should actually hang curtains successfully.

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Curtain Rod too Low

You might have thought your curtain rod needs to be just above your window frame. Wrong!

Ideally, you should place your curtain rod at around ½ - 2/3 of the distance between your window frame and your ceiling. This will help your ceilings look as high as possible. Lifting the rod lifts the eye, which makes your ceilings look higher and ultimately your space looks bigger.

Curtain’s that are just too short

One we see so often – the short stumpy curtains that look like an ankle swinger. And just like ankle swingers, curtains that are too short cuts off your room making it feel short and stumpy. Correctly measure the length and choose how you want your curtains to hang.

If you would prefer your curtains to ‘float’ above your floor, measure within an inch of your floor. This will ensure they hang completely straight but still give your space height and length.

Alternatively, you could ‘puddle’ your curtains on the floor and this in itself is a gorgeous feature. It’s a romantic effect and is perfect for high-quality materials like washed linen or velvet.

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Curtain Rod is not wide enough

This is a really common mistake when installing a curtain rod, but measuring the rod just to the width of the window frame is a huge mistake. It means your curtains are forced to hang in your window, making it feel and look smaller.

If you have the space, extend your rod at least 6-10 inches either side of your window frame so when your curtains are pushed totally open, you can see almost all of the window.

Curtain’s not wide enough

The final mistake is buying curtains that will only just cover your window when drawn. This can make them look taught and stretched. Overcompensate by 10% for softness to your fabric.

So go on, have you been committing curtain sin?
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