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  • Charlotte Nichole

How to make your home look and feel fantastic to potential buyers

When house hunting and scouring rightmove, it's easy to spot the terrible properties. Rundown, smelly or just uncomfortable to be within, these homes stick in our minds for all the wrong reasons.

When selling your own home, it's easy to question whether anyone will love it as you have, or even overlook how someone may not!

But getting your property market-ready is an art and not everyone thinks they need to prep their home for potential buyers. Truth be told, every home needs a little spruce up here and there to make the most of its potential.

So how do you make your home look and feel fantastic to your potential buyers?


A cluttered home can make it feel full and overcrowded, and you don't want any potential buyer to think your property is small. Anything you de-clutter now will at least be less to pack when you do sell.

Touch up your paint job

Keeping your home in its best condition when selling speaks volumes to potential buyers. If the inside of your looks well looked after, buyers will believe the rest is too.

Consider the scent

First impressions count and sometimes the scent of your home is the first thing to impact visitors. Baking bread before viewings, brewing coffee or using your favourite zoflora scent, are all great ways to create a warming, homely scent in your home.

Clean the windows and doors

Buyers will naturally head to look out of windows and doors, so having them littered with dirty finger marks will certainly distract buyers from the lovely view.

I hope this guide helps you prep your home to entice new buyers. Will you be following these steps to make yours look and feel fantastic for buyers.

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chhavi Phulwani
chhavi Phulwani
08 juin 2023

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chhavi Phulwani
chhavi Phulwani
08 juin 2023

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