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  • Charlotte Nichole

Our garden'22 plans

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2021 was a big'ol year for our garden. It started with just a big patch of lawn, and we wanted so much more. Over the course of Spring and Summer, we curated a huge porcelain tiled patio, raised sleeper beds, lawn borders and built in a huge summerhouse. That was about enough and we stopped for the year!

Now into a new year, new season and our lease of life when it comes to our garden is back in full force. We have so many plans this year to complete what we started last year, to create zones and add much more character/interest into our new build garden.


As featured in our summerhouse plans, we are looking forward to implementing our raised deck. It will make the perfect spot for some afternoon shade and will finish off our summerhouse ahead of a family summer.

The question is, do we also opt for a pergola outside our summerhouse too? Would take some convincing for my husband mind.


Always been on our garden wishlist have been modern arches. With very little height within our new build garden, they will add height, interest and will be something to divide our rather large garden into segments.

I would like to grow a mixture of evergreen, scented climbers, and a border between the grass and path with grasses and low, ground covering planting.


We currently have a path of stepping stones from our patio to our shed and well that just doesn't cut it during the cold, wet months. Having a robust path that will keep feet, and paws mud free during downpours is vital for the sake of our home!


We are so blessed with sunshine in our garden, especially during the summer. And we have a super sunshine spot along our fence line, so to have a constant coffee spot is just what we need. We have left a gap along our fence line, in between our flower beds to have a covered arbour. We just need to buy it now.


Our final garden plan is the ruddy grass - again. It has come to our attention though, that we have some dreaded leatherjackets and so treating those before re-seeing, fertilizing and hopefully revitalising our grass is on our 2022 plans, once again.

I am so excited to get started on our 2022 garden plans. You can see our progress by following me on Instagram.

Do you have any garden plans of your own this year? Let me know in the comment section below.


Sep 26, 2023

Your garden plans for '22 sound exciting! Consider incorporating stone flooring to add timeless elegance and durability. Natural stone blends seamlessly with outdoor settings and requires minimal maintenance, ensuring a beautiful and functional garden space for years to come.

Sep 26, 2023

It's always interesting to hear about other people's garden plans, and yours for '22 sound wonderful! A butterfly garden is a nice addition that is suggested. It's not only beautiful to look at, but it's also a fantastic method to help pollinators. Please tell me more about the exact plants you're considering mentioning in that section.


chhavi Phulwani
chhavi Phulwani
Jun 06, 2023

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Julia Secomandi
Julia Secomandi
Nov 10, 2022

Really love your ideas for your patio! Don't forget to check Rocks In Stock for your exterior stones! :)


Sep 06, 2022

Many thanks for sharing this good article. Very interesting ideas!

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